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Adaptable developments

At Nemergent Solutions we know that each client is different. And that different verticals will require different deployment models. Although standards are well-defined, the product integration at the client side leads us to tailoring the solutions. Almost every past project involved non-trivial issues we needed to carefully address. Below is a general overview of our reference portfolio, although we are open to any new type of challenge.

MCPTT Functional Elements

Maybe your organization already have some MCPTT architecture, but it lacks some key component of MCPTT deployment? In this case, Nemergent MCPTT Functional Elements can be licensed individually. Currently our most mature product is the MCPTT Application Server, which enables an IMS network to work with MCPTT media content, routing and executing the mission critical business logic. Another product is the MCPTT UE, a completely standards compliant client software for MCPTT Networks in the form of an Android application that targets all the major smartphones vendors. Functional versions of Configuration Management Server, Group Management Server and Identity  Management Server are also available.

Blackbox Tester

The Nemergent Blackbox Tester is a small form factor computer hardware that encloses all the necessary software programs to run a complete MCPTT network, including an IMS installation and MCPTT Application Server. The commercial pack also includes a fully functional testing MCPTT client. The MCPTT Management Servers (IdMS, GMS, CMS, KMS) will be also supported through product upgrades. All of this is made easily configurable for the end user by means of a control panel. Potential users of the equipment are: companies developing complementary components, third parties that want to experience with MCPTT features, research units aiming to develop innovative MCPTT features…

Technology Provider

Besides providing end users with finished and polished products, Nemergent Solutions also has experience in the role of technology provider. The company can work along with integrators or service providers in order to provide consolidated MCPTT solutions. Our software is completely adaptable, with clear APIs, in order to enable other products to be built on top of our core technology.

Cloud Services Provider

All of our software and products provide software-based network components and can be also deployed as a cloud services. All the MCPTT server components are ready to run as a VNF, in order to cope with the latest trends related to NFV and software networks. Different deployment models can be followed, from over the top solutions (only application-level) to carrier-integrated solutions (through Rx and MB2 standard interfaces).

We are open to new customer and collaboration models!
Do not hesitate to contact us if your individual needs do not fit in the reference commercial models.