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Nemergent Timeline.

Our evolution & Progress

In March 2016, a group of experts founded the Nemergent Initiative with the aim of fostering the community and releasing world-first components concerning the new MCPTT technologies. Considering the number of visits and initial contacts / collaborations, Nemergent Solutions born out of the necessity to accelerate MCPTT developments and to build a commercial channel for the technology.
We are now proud of being involved in several experimentation and interoperability testing activities, and of being able to establish fruitful alliances with different partner companies.

2nd ETSI MCPTT Plugtest

Nemergent was present to validate successfully the interoperabilities tests of MCS (MCData & MCVideo) related to 3GPP R14, with 22 different vendors. Press Release

June 2018

The showcasing of the eBox MCPTT at CCWorld

Expway, the LTE Broadcast leader, and Nemergent Solutions SL, the MCPTT pioneers, unveiled their new joint product in Nemergent’s booth (D74). Press Release
May 2018

MCPTT field trial in Austria

Pioneering mission-critical mobile services over LTE – Press Release
March 2018

Three MCPTT demos at MWC 2018

In GSMA Innovation City (Hall 4, Stands 4A30, 4A5 & 4A15) Expway showcased the eMBMS-enabled MCPTT service with Nemergent Solutions SL servers and Bittium eMBMS devices.  Pres Release

Softil’s booth ( Hall 7, 5E61, Stand 15) has shown Softil Innovative Communications‘s BEEHD MCPTT client operating with Nemergent Solutions SL servers, and over Sonim Technologies‘ UEs. Press Release

Azcom’s booth (Hall 7, Stand G21) has provided the Nemergent MCPTT solution integrated in AZCOM TECHNOLOGY S.R.L.’s netwok-in-a-box product. Press Release

February 2018


Start of CrisisTech participation
January 2018

PSCE Event

MCPTT live demo at PSCE Event 2017
November 2017


Start of H2020 FED4FIRE+ OC2 project

(will last until Sept 18)

October 2017

First eMBMS-capable MCPTT e2e demo

Nemergent collaborates with ExpWay and Bittium for MCPTT eMBMS integration – Press release
September 2017

APCO 2017

Nemergent MCPTT technology was present in APCO 2017, thanks to @MutualinkInc (booth 946).
August 2017

1st ETSI MCPTT Plugtest

Nemergent successfully participated in the 1st ETSI MCPTT Plugtest, with 30 interoperability tests with 15 different vendors.

Start of NIST PSIAP project

Evolution of MCPTT servers and clients; experimentation at PSCR labs; field testing with Public Safety users.
June 2017

Demo at IWCE

In Softil’s booth (Booth 2577) the Softil Innovative Communications‘s BEEHD MCPTT client has operated with Nemergent Solutions SL servers, and over Sonim Technologies‘ UEs. Press Release
May 2017

Start of collaboration with H2020 INTER-IoT project

Aimed at incorporating interoperable IoT platforms to mission-critical operations through INTER-IoT solution.
March 2017

New MCPTT public traces

Contribution to the community with new set of MCPTT call traces.
February 2017

Incorporation of Nemergent Solutions

Nemergent Solutions is finally incorporated; first wave of technologies deployed.
January 2017

First collaborations.

MCPTT-based demo at Innotrans 2016 with FREQUENTIS.
September 2016

Nemergent Initiative

Launch of the Nemergent Initiative and first open contributions.
March 2016