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Nemergent Solutions Launches “Nemergent MCPTT Blackbox Tester” Version 2.0



The first version of the “Nemergent MCS Blackbox Tester”, including 3GPP Release 14 functionalities. Press Release.



Nemergent Solutions’s technologies support MCOP northbound API


Nemergent Solutions becomes official MCOP API supporter. Press Release


Nemergent Solutions pushing Mission Critical Services towards 5G



Remarkable involvement of 3GPP-compliant Nemergent Solutions products in R&D projects. Press Release




Polaris Networks joins Nemergent Solutions to deliver world-class Mission Critical communication services for PPDR.


The successful completion of interoperability tests between Polaris Networks‘ NetEPC and Nemergent’s Mission Critical Services (MCS) Application Server based on 3GPP standards. Press Release


Sonim, Softil and Nemergent Solutions collaborate to launch the most rugged range of LTE devices for MC first responders.

The live demonstration will use the mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) servers of Softil and Sonim partner, Nemergent Solutions, which support all of the 3GPP R’13 requirements as well as advanced functionality defined in 3GPP R’ 14, for the MC clients such as the one enabled by Softil’s BEEHD. Press Release



Expway, Bittium and Nemergent Solutions successfully demonstrate the Word’s First eMBMS-capable MC-PTT & MC-Video Integration.

At MWC 2018- GSMA Booth, Expway, Bittium, and the MC-PTT provider, Nemergent Solutions, announced the successful demonstration of a 3GPP Rel13 standards compliant end-to-end multicast group calls with Mission Critical eMBMS (evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services) bearers. Press Release


Softil, Nemergent Solutions Partner to Raise the Bar in Next Generation Mission Critical Communications.



Live demonstrations of new best-of-breed end-to-end mission-critical communication solution throughout MWC18 and IWCE. Press Release



Azcom Mobile Edge Private LTE network integrates Nemergent Solutions MC-PTT.

Azcom is collaborating with Nemergent Solutions to develop infrastructure that will support LTE standard compliant MCPTT allowing interoperability among different mission-critical organizations.

Press Release



Etelm And Nemergent Solutions Join Forces On Innovative MCPTT Solution For Critical Communications.


ETELM was the first company to implement an MCPTT solution into a hybrid TETRA/LTE network, thanks to its partnership with Nemergent Solutions, a working group that specialises in the development of interoperable emergency communications solutions. Press Release



Frequentis, A1, Athonet and Nemergent Solutions pioneering mission-critical mobile services over LTE.

The group joined forces to run a live demo of 3GPP standards-based Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) on a live mobile operator network in Austria including deployable distributed LTE systems at the “network edge”. Press Release